Friday, February 6, 2009

I need to get home. Now. Right this minute

But I can't yet because I'm stuck with these cases that I need to follow up. Aarrgh (>.<)

Some of my friends' got their VAMPS DVD already. And Muirin has shared the Glamorous Sky performance with us. Only, I can't access it. Both MF and Youtube are blocked here in the office now. Plus, the effing net connection here is slowing down again *infuriated*. I'm extremely extremely excited to hear it --how could I describe this. . . I'm so impatient to listen to it that it's making me fidgety and my cheeks feel warm. My head hurts. I'm feverish, I think.




shinbi06 said...

Paurasan.. If you notice I do not read your blog as much as you read mine .. but everytime I read it gusto ko ng burahin ang account ko ahahahaha.. honestly ang galing mo kasing magsulat and you know me may maisulat lang.. anyways mawawala din yang feverish feeling mo when you got home..wala akong masabi ma'am nanggigising ka pa para lng kay kumapreng Haido.. ^___^

pawdough said...

Wag ka nga! Magaling daw. Puro kabaliwan nga lang ung pinaglalagay ko dito.

At, wag mong burahin yung account mo ha! Yan ay kung ayaw mong masaktan! Heh heh heh

Tsaka, di ba may blog din ang asawa mo? Dapat pareho kayo meron, hahaha :P

pawdough said...

dapat tayong 'apat' may blog, hihi

shinbi06 said...

ahahaha.. kaya nga tayo mag kumare eh.. kc puro kabaliwan ang naiisip natin...

Opo ma'am indi ko buburahin.. now ko lng narinig may music pala ang blog mo at ang favorite ko p n acoustic version ng kanta ni Pare ang nilagay mo...


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