Friday, September 5, 2008

It's amazing how a half of an hour could ruin one's day completely. It's almost weekend and I was more or less excited to go home. But then my boss came, half an hour before I hit log off, asking why I had a case that failed the deadline. I checked the records and that case was not even originally mine. It was my colleague's case that he wouldn't be able to resolve by the deadline he had set because he was on sick leave. So he phoned me in the office and asked that I reset the deadline and put a note that he is still waiting for the schedulers reply. So, that's what I did. Then I gave him back the case with the new deadline. But the problem is, he closed the case with no notes if it was resolved or not – the last notes on it were my notes, ‘from Pau to Joey’. And what’s worse, he closed it past the deadline. And so here comes my Boss demanding that I give a reason why the deadline was missed. And, note, this case was closed last August 1st. I explained that I reset the deadline for Joey (another supervisor knew about it and allowed it), held on the case then returned it to Joey. I don’t even know the details of the case. And if the schedulers would send a reply about it, it would not be addressed to me but to Joey. I gave him a very clear picture of what happened. I’m not even blaming Joey as I know that there’s really a chance (no matter how small and absurd it might be) that a deadline may be missed, especially when there have been no response from schedulers for weeks nor has the customer called to follow up on it – hey, people make mistake sometimes. What I don’t understand is why my Boss insists or have to force out a reason from me. I’m not the resolution owner - I’m not the last one who handled that case. I don’t even know half of what happened. I was just there to reset the deadline so that the team would not get a mark down on that case. So why?! Why should I be punished for a fail that was not mine. But if the rule says that the one who set a deadline is the one to receive a mark down – then go ahead and penalize me. If my boss’ needs an explanation because he’s concerned that this might affect my bonus, please take the money – I’m no beggar. It's preposterous to tag it under the word ‘concern’ because ‘concern’ does not go well with his arrogance. The reason behind that fail does not sit with me.

I was awfully mad that I was trembling. I need a break from work. I need a break from this Boss. He was just recently transferred to our department – he doesn’t even know yet all the intricacies of the work done in our section. And yet, if it were my previous supervisors, this would never be a big deal to them. They would not demand for something I don’t hold. I’ve always thought that people given higher position have better logic than those under them. But I guess that is not always the case. Joey was sitting right next to me, but he kept asking just me. I am still fuming. I want fire to rain like in that picture *points up*, and the scorching debris to pour down hard. And I want to hear them resound as they smash on the ground. I was eager to post these pictures of Shiro earlier. Her character amuses me. It was Betsy who persuaded me to read Deadman Wonderland. I find the manga quite good. So far, I've developed a great liking for Shiro's character. And just today, because of my boss, I found better reason for posting these Shiro pictures. At least one good thing out of a terribly bad thing. And when the rain ends, I want to have that same smile as Shiro's on my lips.


Dyanne Paguio Largueza said...

Lamo, it's really very hard to imagine you as fuming mad... Para kang batang anghel eh.. hehehe


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