Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Because I'm gettin lonely here in the office **I got the latest shift for this month, and right now I've got nobody else here with me - not counting the people behind me from a different department who I don't really know** I need Hyde to brighten me up a bit... heehee *Thanks Matsuchan for the scans*

Isn't he lovely *(^0^)*

It feels like ages since I last posted. These past few days had been just so bleh. My days were filled with banality- except, maybe, seeing a man being almost run over by a bus - note, the man was the traffic enforcer. Geez... I was a passenger of the bus but I did not know what transpired between the MMDA and the bus driver. And, although I admit that I am traffic rules inept, I don't think the bus driver broke any rules (I meant, of course, what happened prior to the driver's attempt to squash the officer with the bus). Even if both parties may had been at fault, somehow I had stonger aversion towards the officer. It might be his arrogance. Yes, that must be it. Don't you just want to squash egotism at times? I bet the sound would be, I should say, heartening... Jokes aside, though it is not right to squash a man with a bus obviously, neither is 'running over' people by any means (with one's position or rank for instance).

What am I saying.. I better get going. Hope it doesn't rain on my way home.

Ja ne^^


えすたひめ essie-hime said...

OMG! Si Hyde yan?

Waaaa, ka-insecure! xD

pawdough said...

mecha mecha kawaii ne ^^

kailangan ko nang matutong mgmake-up. Mas marunong pa si Hyde kesa sakin! heehee


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