Tuesday, May 27, 2008

L'Arc~en~Ciel did not disappoint me. Their concert in Hong Kong last Saturday was amazing! I won't bother writing a live report, I don't think I'm able to anyway . . . . It's only now that the reality of it all is sinking in to me.

I was jumping, shouting, raising my hands, and sweating like crazy. We sang 'yume o egaku yo' during 'My Heart Draws a Dream'. And we also sang the chorus of "Anata" after the brigde just like in 'Shibuya Seven Days'. My friend was crying non-stop during the first 4 or 5 songs. I almost cried too, but I somehow managed to contain it.

All the band members looked good - even Yuki. Hyde was uber handsome - he's so much hotter in person - and he looked taller compared to how I see him on TV. His voice was perfect. I also loved Ken's guitar and Tetsu's bass. There was no Pun'k-en-Ciel, but they took turns in singing 'Stay Away' - I liked Yuki's part. And during Ken's MC, he was telling something about how the food served to them in HK seemed to be staring back at him - the duck/chicken and the fish were glaring at him from their plates (there were even pictures projected on the screens on each side of the stage). It was funny, although because it was in Chinese, I did not understand what he said then - only afterwards when I read some live reports.

And even though we were not able to get the best seats, the ones we got were not bad at all, see

**after na yan ng concert - sobrang pagod na ako (para akong bangag! hahaha) pero nakuha pa ring magsmile (lol)**

Also, the tour goods were already sold out when we got to the venue (-_-;). Tough luck! But there was a girl who was kind enough to cut a small piece of her silver streamers for me and my friend. I was so happy. I've always wanted to get one of those - but when the silver streamers shot out from the stage, they all went into the center of the arena.

**that's one of the silver streamers (at the middle of the pic above) that came shooting out from the stage during "Ready Steady Go" I think**

I can't believe the concert's over . . . the experience had been as fleeting as a dream . . .

Whew! Looking back, it was extremely stressfull just to get to this event. But it was all worth the trouble. (^___^)

After the L'7 tour, Laruku has announced that the next live will be on 2011. It's a little sad. But at least I have 3 years to save up for it *(^O^)*

**and since I feel like I've just woken up, my thoughts are still a bit disoriented. So I'll leave the good live reports to the others (~_^) heehee**


えすたひめ essie-hime said...

Paula, I'm so happy for you! Omedeto! :D


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