Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pahabol lang 'to. Natutuwa ako dun sa ad ng Animax sa Friendster, si Haido ang nakalagay. Out of so many artists na nagperform sa Music Station Superlive '07 - isipin mo, si Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Arashi, NEWS (kung san kasali si Yamapi), SMAP, B'z, Mr.Children. at kung sinu-sino pa - eh si Haido ang naifeature sa Animax ad.
Ang babaw ko . . . . hahaha
*I can just imagine my sister rolling her eyes when she reads this post - giving her 'yeah-whatever' look. She's not very fond of L'Arc - my irrational love for them probably appalled her. And, just to irk her some more, I replaced our pc's icons ('my computer', 'my document', 'my network places', 'recycle bin') with Hyde's faces. Heh heh heh*


yyelsel said...

nakikita ko rin yan! si hyde pala yun???

i love the hair ah!


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