Friday, March 21, 2008

Okay, I'm supposed to be studying. But before that, let me post these scanned pages from LeCiel 54 that Loreley had so generously shared. (I wish I can also get a copy but I think only LeCielers can have this mag *sigh*)

**Loreley - mouichido, hontou ni domo arigatou gozaimasu . . . Watashi wa ureshii yo ^_____^**

*so hyde kissed the mannequin not tetsu (lol) . . . I'm referring to this pic*
**Haido was amazing at the 'Jack in the Box', especially when he sang Glay's Yuuwaku - he owned the song. And I was also surprised with Ken's performance - and, surprisingly, even my sister liked his voice when he sang 'Crying in the Rain'. We didn't think Ken could sing like that** *Awww . . . what luck that woman has!*

And so, I continue with my studies. Being unable to read and understand Japanese is really frustrating.


Ja, mata ne! :p


yyelsel said...

di ko napansin pareho pala tayo ng title! wahhahaha


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