Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ito ang isa sa mga rason kung bakit labs ko si Aiba.

Credits: Himitsu at @ Binan no Nikki

Aiba's Nikki/journal:

★11/11/2006★Aiba Masaki in Korea

Concerts in Korea have ended !
soon it will be the Victorious Concerts on next new year!

Something rare happened in Korea!This is・・・

the first day we arrived in Korea, by the time we reached hotel・・・it was already night time!Sleep that’s all !
that’s right, sleep ne?

I slept

in the middle of the night, actually is 4 o’clock in the morning

really felt like going to toilet so I woke up!

I still could recall what happened till the time I settled my toileting needs!

but I don’t remember anything after that
maybe sleepwalk ne・・・

I was outside the room!


I remembered this very clearly. Terrible, terrible, I was thinking this as I returned to my room ne!


the key was left in the room

locked out・・・

oh dear in any case, went to search for Manager’s room first to seek help in opening!
moreover, tomorrow is the actual concert

But, but・・・
I don’t know what is Manager’s room number

so I just searched for it randomly, cause I knew it was on the same floor!

Shortly after I started searching!
only one room seemed occupied

God, didn’t disappoint me

entered the room without thinking!
Key can you lend..ehhhh


there were 2 Koreans whom I didn’t know at all, drinking coffee!
from 4 o’clock in the morning !!

It’s too early for morning coffee ne

that was what I thought, but in any case, I had to apologize first!!

I don’t know how to say ‘sorry’ in Korean language!

anything is fine as long as it is in Korean・・・・・

・・・・Kamusahamunida (thank you in Korean)・・・・

I end up saying thank you!

It was so terrible that I entered abruptly and still said ‘thank you’ ne!!

a shock within 3 seconds!


***Hay Aiba, wala akong masabi (lol)***



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