Friday, April 23, 2010

My current life can be summed up to full-time work plus part-time job. That’s eight hours in the office in the morning and then 2 hours for my second job in the evening. The remaining hours of the day are spent in travel time, to and fro my jobs and my home, and sleeping –but mostly travel time. I run on three hours of sleep on a daily basis. And so, my greatest fear at the moment? Eye bags. *laughs* But, yeah, seriously. Oh life, why must we come to this? For the love of love. Yes, that's what brought me to this. I can't explain it any better than that. And crazy is crazy. So there.

I am pretty much happy for having a second job. It’s fun. But then, I will soon give it up because my body cannot cope with the schedule really. Me is too skerred of eye bags. *chuckles* Well, not just that. I don’t really earn much from the second job – and I can't afford to be impractical at these times. I wanted to have a second job because I need to earn money. Though I love the job too, actually. But seeing how things are, my dream will not be realized with this little endeavor. I am spending more that what I earn. And my life has been reduced to work, travel, and a little sleep. I miss the sun too. I leave the house at 5AM and then I get home at 11PM. And yeah, I miss sleep too.

Apart from that ridiculous schedule, life goes on. . . . .

Oh, a few weeks ago, a certain someone sent me an email and said he wanted to see me. He said he’d do anything (forgot what his exact words are because I deleted the message already, hehe). I refused. That was about 2 weeks ago. And I haven’t heard from him since. Whew, good riddance. Ahahaha. I don’t despise the person. I simply hate his guts. That’s all. It’s just that this person had been a close of friend of mine so I had mixed feelings about putting it all behind --whatever it was we had. So somehow, I was hoping we could be on good terms again. But then, I realized I don’t need any of it. I just couldn’t say it to him as easily and as clear-cut like that. And he's too stubborn it's frustrating.

So anyway, HE is not my main point here. *laughs* Only, I have realized -because he kept bringing up the word regret and he just wouldn’t let it go- that tomorrow does not really know the meaning of regret. So why bother? It’s something that feeds on the past, the past which I can't change. I’m not saying I will regret nothing from now on. But I will never wallow in it. So, crap regret! I will look only to tomorrow. That is something I have power over. Something I can change somehow. I know I will still make mistakes and wrong decisions in the future. But no matter what happens, even if I hit rock bottom, I will always have tomorrow to look forward to.

Eww, ang emo ko. Yaks. Hahaha.

Okay, moving onto happier stuff, I ordered Laruku’s TOUR 2008 L’7 - Trans ASIA via PARIS DVD. And I’m hoping it arrives soon. Today, if possible. *fingers crossed* This is exactly the kind of thing where I don’t like tomorrow much. LOL. And VAMPS also has a new single. I’m not really crazy about the PV. But, of course, I love all the parts where Hyde is on screen. lolz. Yes, even the kiss. But apart from our beloved smurf trying so hard to show how manly he is (gawd, he is sooo cute in the pv, you can’t convince this fangirl otherwise), the pv is ridiculously risqué. And, I mean, why would I want to see half-naked women as they twist their bodies around in incredibly bizarre positions? And some scenes are just too indecent. EWW.

But, of course, I died seeing this. So naturally, I pre-ordered it right away. *grins*

**snagged screencap from Lady of Flowers. Thanks dear &hearts**

Tonight, I’ll be at Potipot with beautiful people for some vacation. Yeah! =D


The Remington hair irons we, my colleagues and I, ordered finally arrived. We waited for more than a month for these only to find out we can’t use them in the office. They’re only for 100-120V and we don’t have any transformer in the office. Uhm, I’m not really sure, but I doubt that there is one here. The horror! At least, I have a transformer at home. So now, I will have two hair irons at home to use. Meep.

Okay, I better stop here. I did not intend to make this post this long and for it to be too arbitrary.

Ja ne! (^_^)


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