Saturday, March 27, 2010

From the film 'New Moon':

Edward: (to Bella) Aro can read every thought I’ve ever had with one touch. (to Aro who's holding Edward's hand) And now you know everything. So get on with it.

Aro: You are quite a soul reader yourself, Edward. Though you can't read Bella's thoughts. Fascinating. (faces Bella) l would love to see if you are an exception to my gifts, as well. Would you do me the honor?

[Bella holds out her hand to Aro]

Aro: (takes Bella's hand) Interesting. Hmm.... l see nothing.

Hahahahaha. It cracks me up. I got to watch New Moon only today. Dad bought the dvd. My parents are both twi-fans now you see. My mom became one after seeing the films. LOL.

What makes Bella so special is beyond me.
And which reminds me, I admire this brave, anonymous woman in this anecdote ~here~. (or ~here~, I saved it just in case it gets deleted XD)


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