Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah, a short break from the grind. There’s still so much work but, hell, these hands need their time off. LOL. I haven’t been updating lately. To be honest, there’s nothing to write about really. Of course, abject drudgery is a valid excuse. Ahaha.... At about an hour and a half before our shift ends, everyone here in the office is probably worn out by now. My colleague is playing this ~video~ for some lulz to liven up the atmosphere a little. And it’s kinda working a bit. Yeah, sammer and the bi*ches. XD

So anyway, my L’Arc DVD arrived almost a month ago. So many beautiful performances in there. I can hardly pick a favorite. At the moment, my heart is rooting for ‘My Heart Draws a Dream”, especially when the crowd started singing and Hyde answers with his beautiful, beautiful falsetto. It’s mesmerizing. That performance is enough driving force to attend their 20th anniversary. If I don’t make it, my heart will forever be broken . . . . I’m still mulling over ripping my dvd. My main purpose is so I can watch the concert over and over and not get my copy scratched, hehehe. It’s fan-girl/OC thing.

胸が 痛くて 痛くて 壊れそうだから
かなわぬ想いなら せめて枯れたい!

--Flower, L'Arc~en~Ciel

"My heart hurts, and hurts, and is about to break,
If [this dream] won’t come true, then just let me wither."

A friend went to Japan just a few days ago. I was awfully jealous. Before she went she said the trip was so sudden she couldn’t take anyone with her and she might not be able to buy stuff for us. I was so depressed . . . . Ahahaha. But, of course, we were sincerely happy for her. It was like our dream for years to visit Japan. And now she got to go. And she bought us all kinds of candies and crackers. In addition, she gave me and my sister an uchiwa each –mine has Tegoshi and my sister’s has the whole Arashi. I was so happy I forgive her completely for going without us. XD

Oh, and I've got this new blondie to moon about. ♥

**this was from Tokyo FM's site**


えすたひめ essie-hime said...

..at maaari ba akong makiusap sa iyong ginintuan puso, Jodelle, na bigyan ako ng kopya ng "mesmerizing" na moment na iyan? :D

ps. lol, ang word verification ko eh "isoli".. ahahaha.. wala lang.. :D

pawdough said...

Ahahaha.... at dahil ginintuan ang aking puso *eklat*, oo naman. =) Kelan ka ba mapapadpad sa south, ahehe. Kelan ka free?

pawdough said...

Essie, I found My Heart Draws A Dream in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07_6jTs9IOI

Pero tuloy pa rin tayo meet ha, kung kelan mgtugma scheds natin =)


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