Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have a completely different attitude towards shopping. My new motto is 'Buy Only What You Need'. I know, it sounds almost too simple - but it really does work. Before each purchase, I ask myself one question:'Do I need this?' And only if the answer is 'yes' do I make the purchase. It's all just a matter of self-discipline.

--Shopaholic Goes Abroad, Sophie Kinsella

But the thing is, this doesn't really work in fandom, does it? Because there, you absolutely need everything. :/


えすたひめ essie-hime said...

I agree, go go lang Pau! Kung ano ang nasa puso mo, sundin mo! (haha, parang kanta ng sexbomb yata 'to..)

pawdough said...

Yes, thank you! :D


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