Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blog ni Hanna sa Multiply nya:

Becoming a Full-Pledge Fangirl

It's out! My sister is going to HK to fulfill her fangirl duties. She's a L'arc-en-ciel fangirl and now that L'arc is having their tour, she and her fangirl friend can't miss the chance to see them. I tell you, those two are crazy, going through all the trouble of going to Hong Kong, buying concert tickets and plane tickets just to see their Laruku in the flesh. But thinking it through, that's "fandom". If you haven't been a fanboy or fangirl, you won't really get every sense of the word. Anyway, I'm really happy for her and her friend. It's like a dream come true for them. Aww, if I could also go with them, but with all these summer classes that I have. I'm not a Laruku fangirl but I do respect them as great artists. They're like Japan's U2, you know. I mean, they're "L'arc-en-ciel". My sister may think I hate them, but I also think to see a L'arc-en-ciel concert would be great. I just get annoyed with my sister nagging me about them. It's like, she will tell a story about L'arc-en-ciel, then a minute or two, she'll tell it to me again without realizing she already told it to me. And when I point it out to her, she just ignores me and goes on. She has become a walking-talking advertisement for L'arc-en-ciel whose no.1 victim is me (since I live with her and she threatens me of not giving me my allowance or not letting me watch Arashi on her computer, talk about power tripping *rolls eyes*). I've become a minion who needs to act as an audience to her attention-deficit master. But I still love my sister, no matter how a tyrant she can be, and besides, I do get rewards from her *big smile*. To my beloved sister, if you ever get a chance to read this, peace out to you. Anyway, that's why, it has become my reflex to put her off whenever she opens her mouth to talk about L'arc. In the end, I'm still happy for her trip to HK. Gambatte ne. I wonder, when will I be able to see an Arashi concert... *in deep thought*

Natutuwa naman ako. Ang maldita kong kapatid, who cringes when I mention L'Arc~en~Ciel, respects their music. Si Hanna nga ba 'to? "I've become a minion who needs to act as an audience to her attention-deficit master". Si Hanna nga. Pero, kung sana sangkatutak lang ang salapi ko, isasama ko talaga sya sa HK. Oh well . . .

Nung Sabado ng hapon, nakatulog lang ako sandali at paggising ko iba na ang wallpaper ng cellphone ko - picture na ni Jun Matsumoto. Ang salarin - si Mommy. Ang sabi nya pa sakin, "lumipat na sya dyan while you were sleeping". Hay wala na akong nagawa kundi ang tumawa nang tumawa. At pangisi-ngisi din ang kapatid ko - malakas ang hinala ko, sya ang accomplice. Hindi naman marunong si Mommy magpalit ng theme sa cel. Ano ba 'to, naliligiran ako ng Matsujun fangirls! >.<


essie-hime said...

ahaha, i feel for your sister Pau.. I remember our chat sessions before, I became a victim too.. nyahahaha, just kidding.. :D i'll be more than happy to be a victim.. ;)

hehe, matsujun fangirls.. xD wala bang oguri shun fans club nang makasali ako? :p


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