Sunday, January 17, 2010

To my avid readers (and by avid readers, I mean me), this blog has not been forgotten. Work has kept me from updating this space. And, lazy is lazy. But, at any rate, I’m back. I have missed my journals so I’m here now.

To start with, last year was a fabulous year. I was able to go
to Australia -my very first business trip. Australia is beautiful! I had intended to write about the trip in detail, but I’m afraid it’s too late for that now. Well, someday I might just do it. But not anytime soon. I had, however, wrote a part of it >>here<<.

**if you're wondering if I went in and watched, I didn't. I just thought it was nice to pose there. LOL**

Now, regarding work, there have been terrible changes at the office. The most important is that I am no longer in my previous team. Suffice to say that I will miss the people who are greatly dear to me. The only upside of my career is that I don’t hate work anymore as much as I did before. That is in spite of the tremendous change on our workload. How changed? I am now typing this journal at home, something which had always been done at work before when I’m dying of boredom.

On other things, if you're wondering how my love life was last year, it was nonexistent. Not that I mind. However, my horoscope tells me this year will be good or promising for this part of my life. Uhm, it’s nonexistent so technically it isn’t part of anything yet but will, perhaps, make an appearance in my life this year -according to horoscopes. What I wanted to say is that last year this section was as dead as ever –but, you know, at least my imaginary one has been. . . . erm, happy. *snickerfit* Only my closest friends would understand that. It’s nothing perverted, I assure you. :P

And there, as you can see, I have bought me-self an organizer because I have convinced myself I need it to start the year right. It’s just a simple one from National Bookstore –nothing posh and pricey like the ones from Starbucks or Powerbooks. Although, I envy my sister a little for having the Powerbooks journal, which is so cute with trivia written on some dates and mood charts and cute stuff. But anyway, most importantly, I got an organizer to keep myself on track. 2010 is the bridge to 2011. I do not wish to elaborate at the moment (I’ve just been on a day out with my family. I had a wonderful time but I'm dead tired now). Besides, my intentions may already be too obvious to some of you.... And --gosh, I've only realized- I have charted my life only as far as 2011. After that, it’s tabula rasa... Okay, that's scaring me a little . So, uhm, let’s not think about that, shall we? Anyhow, what’s scariest to me right now is the thought of 2011 not happening. My 2011 is a dare, an experiment, a plan that I challenge myself to carry out. And this year will be very vital for the next one to be a success. Hence, I need the organizer. *LOL* Yeah, okay, ignore me and go click away to a page you’re better off reading. XD

Aside from the organizer, I even bought a calendar that serves as a constant reminder of my insane plan. It's an obsession, I tell you.

So now, though this pronouncement is rather late, the race to 2011 begins~


rachel_diva said...

Hey! I'm going with you to the race to 2011! japan here we go!


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